In simple words, Champion of Change is a leader. An advocate who never hesitates to stand up for what they believe in and take initiative to  create the change they want to see in the world. Someone who gives a voice to marginalized communities. The disadvantaged individuals who have been silenced and oppressed by societal inequities. A champion doesn't speak for them or try to undermine their potential. A champion helps them find their voice again and embrace their identity. Our champions of today will create the change for tomorrow.  

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We are a passionate group of youth leading gender equality and striving to spread change across global communities through innovation, creativity and education. We aim to foster diversity, passion, and ambition to encourage youth to become their own champion. We believe that every voice deserves to be heard and will guide youth on their journey to find their inner champion despite the obstacles created by geography and society.


1. Organize fundraisers targeted towards helping women in global communities, fighting alongside their battles for equality. 

2. Cultivate leadership in youth across communities to inspire passion and change through intersectionality and partnerships.

3. Create educational campaigns on the topic of gender equality issues to spread awareness and inspire change across global communities.

4. Empower intersectionality and raise awareness about marginalized communities facing societal inequities. 

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Champions of Change was founded in 2018 in London Ontario, Canada in hopes to spark conversation surrounding gender equality issues in the community. We ran workshops, fundraisers, and campaigns to cultivate passion, inspire innovation, and fight gender inequality. Since then, we have expanded into a national organization that creates change across communities in Canada. For the future, we aspire to expand our work to global communities and help youth find their inner champions and create change to transform their communities. 


Written by Chuying Huo, former executive of communications at Champions of Change. 

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