Champions of Change started in 2018 as a small school club at A.B Lucas Secondary School hoping to create dialogue about women's issues in our school. The following year the club grew and we began creating meaningful conversations with our student body to not only fundraise but also enrich the awareness of our peers. As we continue to grow, we have expanded our outreach in hope that we can inspire more individuals and help more individuals seek opportunities and rise to their full potential.


We encourage innovation and creativity to overcome and meet challenges. We respect each individual's uniqueness, value diversity and are committed to equality. We believe everyone has the capacity to accomplish their most ambitious goals and become true champions despite any obstacles.


1. Organize fundraisers targeted towards helping women in our community fighting some of the hardest battles.

2. Support others in the community working on passions of their own though unique partnerships.

3. Create educational campaigns on the topic of gender equality issues to better inform the community.

4. Inspire more individuals to become Champions of Change in their community.

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