What are we doing right now?

HQ Initiatives


Prideful Words started off as a Social Six pitch idea inspired by wanting to create a more inclusive read for young students, which has now turned into a Champions of Change initiative. Our goal is to write and illustrate a diverse and educational storybook targeted towards elementary students in grades 1-3 about the importance of accepting oneself for who and what they are, rather than what society forces one to believe. We aim to root out the main cause of discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community by targeting younger children while their minds haven’t yet been taught certain standards and expectations. Once published, we hope to sell paperbacks of our storybook to elementary schools, teachers, and librarians that support the LGBTQIA+ movement. 

In Not ‘Why?’ but ‘Why not?’ by Shiloh Chen and Junsoo Pak, the protagonist, Denver Stallard, learns, with the help of his friends and older sister, how to stay true to himself even if he himself doesn’t know what that means.

“Of course you aren’t weird and anyone who tells you otherwise hasn’t been educated properly. It’s different for everybody, so there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just how you are - like your hair colour, or which foods you like or dislike.” - Zena Stallard


    New Chapters is an initiative to spread our mission of raising awareness for gender equality and empowering women in need to other communities! Our team is planning the start of chapters of Champions of Change in different cities. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to lead the new chapters by being the president of the organization in their area! The president would be directing the introduction of our campaign into your city. This process would entail recruiting a few people to help run the chapter. Additionally, a team in our organization will be assisting the new presidents with all of this as well as provide resources and helpful materials. Once the chapters kick off the president would be responsible for holding weekly meetings, leading members to organize initiatives and make sure everything is running smoothly. If anyone is interested or knows someone who might be a good fit for this role please fill out/send them this Google Form and we will be in touch shortly.