What are we doing right now?

HQ Initiatives



It is understood that this is a difficult time, which makes it an even higher priority to care for those who are less fortunate, which is why we were inspired to continue a campaign which we call the “Purple Box Campaign”. Women in shelters go without so much, so with this initiative, we hope to raise at least $4,000 that we can use to create care packages that include essentials (hygiene products, e.t.c.) for women and children in need.  We hope to send these care packages to Women's Shelters to help support the people in different communities that are overlooked. Your donations will be going towards products for women’s shelters in London, Hamilton, Toronto (Ontario) and Dhaka (Bangladesh). The care packages will be tailored to each shelter’s specific needs so that your donations have maximum impact in the community. Our goal for this initiative is to help women in shelters to feel a little more prepared and equipped for whatever they may need. 


        K&N, or Knowledge and Necklaces, is a campaign that Champions of Change started to help young women reach their goals in their careers. It is composed of two major parts: a contest in which the winners are awarded scholarships and the sales of handmade pearl necklaces.

        Participants can enter the contest with an essay, video, or other media that highlight women’s rights. The top three participants will win a scholarship; the winners will be chosen by a panel of judges composed of local professors, professionals working in gender equality, as well as members of Champions of Change.

         The goal of this initiative is to raise money to support young women in our community and assist them reach their full potential by giving them the opportunities they deserve. We also hope that with the essay contest, this initiative will keep the conversations going about women’s rights in today’s society and how historic female activists have changed the world.