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Past initiatives.

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Purple Box Campaign

Annual Initiative

This campaign helped women and children in need to overcome certain obstacles. This campaign originally involved sending essential items to those vulnerable in London, Ontario, but has soon expanded to Toronto and Hamilton as well with our expansion into chapters. We collected donations from individuals in the community and used this money to create care packages consisting of personal hygiene and protective equipment. During our first year of running this initiative, more than $2,000 was collected to purchase items for the packages, and most recently, we collected over $4,000 for care packages expanding over three cities! We donated all items to local women's shelters, impacting the lives of over 200 women and children in the community.

Knowledge and Necklaces.


K&N, or Knowledge and Necklaces, was a campaign that Champions of Change started to help young women reach their goals in their careers. Money raised went to supporting young women in our community and assisting them in reaching their full potential by giving them the opportunities they deserve. 

The written essay contest for the scholarships had the aim of bringing awareness to women’s rights in today’s society and how historic female activists have changed the world. 

Petals for Parity.

Annual Initiative

With the help of local floral shops Idlewyld Inn and Floral Temptations, as well as the United Way Grant, our team was able to hand out over 300 flowerrs to women in downtown London in honour of Women's Equality Day!

Social Six.


In collaboration with Pillar Non Profit, our innovation team ran workshops for youth targeted towards building experience, innovation, and networking skills with entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits.

Cookies for Change.


The Cookie Initiative was created to provide delicious homemade treats for the annual Sanctuary London Christmas dinner. Champions of Change members baked cookies and donated them to the Sanctuary London.   

Equality Artistry


Equality Artistry was an art auction initiative that entailed creating and running a female-driven art show and auction. We contacted female and gender diverse artists of all kinds, professional or non-professional. We requested the donation of an art piece they feel would represent how they view change within our society. A determined charity that lines with the belief and support of gender equality received donated proceeds from the event. Collaborating with a fellow female art auctioneer, we had bidders submit all offers before the main event.

Made to Lead.


      This initiative focused on opening the mindsets of young girls and boys to the endless career opportunities available to them regardless of gender stereotypes, empowering them to achieve their goals and encouraging others along the way. We ran workshops for every age group. Our interactive workshops educated youth on matters such as different career opportunities, confidence and empowerment, leadership skills, inequality/gender stereotypes and how to overcome them, as well as how to influence change in your life, in an environment that is engaging and age-appropriate. 

Spreading Positivitea.


The letter initiative focused on helping those struggling with poverty during the winter holidays. Our letters were written with passion and empathy, with a small gift card to help brighten everyone's days. 

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International Initiatives.


​    New Chapters is an initiative to spread our mission of raising awareness for gender equality and empowering women in need to other communities! Our team expanded into the cities of Hamilton, London, and Toronto Ontario to run separate initiatives and introduce our campaign into new cities! 

Champions of Today.


The Champions of Today Interview Initiative was a way for people in the community to learn about how other local, successful business owners have overcome their own obstacles during their business journey. Champions of Change interviewed local owners and then wrote articles based on that interview. The articles were written in hopes to inspire others to take on their own business ventures, projects and passions. 

School Initiatives.


Our first fundraising event was a bake sale in support of women abuse prevention month with all proceeds going to the Anova women's shelter. Additionally, we organized a pledge signing campaign against women abuse along with a white ribbon awareness campaign throughout A. B. Lucas Secondary School in London. During the holidays, we arranged a Christmas Card Sales Campaign for the Anova Women's Shelter and participated in the Shoebox Campaign led by the A. B. Lucas Secondary School. Finally, in the week prior to International Women's Day we promoted significant accomplishments made by women, organized a purple shirt day, and created an awareness video which was shared with the student body at A. B. Lucas.

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