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Running in Nature


      This initiative focuses on opening the mindsets of young girls and boys to the endless career opportunities available to them regardless of gender stereotypes, empowering them to achieve their goals and encouraging others along the way. We run workshops for every age group, all of which are designed to run in a virtual setting of your preference (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.). Our interactive workshops educate youth on matters such as different career opportunities, confidence and empowerment, leadership skills, inequality/gender stereotypes and how to overcome them, as well as how to influence change in your life, in an environment that is engaging and age-appropriate. These workshops are also completely free of charge. 

Online Meditation


      The Champions of Today Interview Initiative is a way for people in the community to learn about how other local, successful business owners have overcome their own obstacles during their business journey. Champions of Change will interview local owners and then write an article based on that interview. The articles will then be posted on our website for viewers to read. The articles will be written in hopes that they will inspire others to take on their own business ventures, projects and passions. If you know of or are someone who would be a good candidate for our blog, please contact us and let us know!

A Young Woman Writing


        K&N, or Knowledge and Necklaces, is a campaign that Champions of Change started to help young women reach their goals in their careers. It is composed of two major parts: a contest in which the winners are awarded scholarships and the sales of handmade pearl necklaces.

        Participants can enter the contest with an essay, video, or other media that highlight women’s rights. The top three participants will win a scholarship; the winners will be chosen by a panel of judges composed of local professors, professionals working in gender equality, as well as members of Champions of Change.

         The goal of this initiative is to raise money to support young women in our community and assist them reach their full potential by giving them the opportunities they deserve. We also hope that with the essay contest, this initiative will keep the conversations going about women’s rights in today’s society and how historic female activists have changed the world. 

Video Conference


      The Innovation Committee is currently working to encourage involvement and participation in the Social Six workshop. This workshop is run through the Pillar Non Profit Network and aims to help youth recover their innovation techniques through engaging virtual activities. Additionally, the innovation committee is working in partnership with TVDSB to organize a conference which will be launching in mid-spring. The conference will include workshops led by students, and members from Champions of Change will be sharing how the organization has been involved with the Community

Old Globe


      At Champions of Change, we believe that the most effective way to address gender inequality in our work is to educate ourselves about the various impacts of gender disparities on individuals in different locations around the world. The international initiative was created for this exact purpose: our primary goal is to broaden people’s understanding of how gender inequality affects different communities worldwide. We want to provide a platform from which individuals can share their personal experiences with gender inequality issues specific to their region of the world and discuss their contributions in taking action against it. Currently, the international initiative team is working on developing partnerships with organizations overseas in order to collaboratively plan an event to highlight the impact of these issues across the globe.

Several Open Books


    New Chapters is an initiative to spread our mission of raising awareness for gender equality and empowering women in need to other communities! Our team is planning the start of chapters of Champions of Change in different cities. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to lead the new chapters by being the president of the organization in their area! The president would be directing the introduction of our campaign into your city. This process would entail recruiting a few people to help run the chapter. Additionally, a team of our organization including execs Ryann and Sam will be assisting the new presidents with all of this as well as provide resources and helpful materials. Once the chapters kick off the president would be responsible for holding weekly meetings, leading members to organize initiatives and make sure everything is running smoothly. If anyone is interested or knows someone who might be a good fit for this role please fill out/send them this google form and we will be in touch shortly.

Art Supply

Equality Artistry is an art auction initiative that would entail creating and running a female-driven art show and auction. Our group will contact local female and gender diverse artists of all kinds, professional or non-professional. We will request the donation of an art piece they feel would represent how they view change within our society. A determined charity that lines with the belief and support of gender equality will receive donated proceeds from the event. Once artists are informed of their inspiration and their pieces are finished, the work will be put up online before the main event for bidding. Collaborating with a fellow female art auctioneer, we will have bidders submit all offers before the main event. Offers will have one to two weeks for submitting. The main event will be a virtual occasion where the audience will be informed on the charity and topic of awareness. Winners and artists of each respected piece will also be presented. For delivery of the art, methods will be discussed between the team and the creators. Artists will not only become involved with an important cause but will gain promotion for their art across social media and within prominent businesses. 


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