2020 was a big year for Champions of Change, and 2021 will be even bigger! We are thrilled with the success of the initiatives launched in the past year and could not have done it without the generosity and support from the community! A huge thank you to all those who have participated in any of our past events. You have made a difference in the lives of those in need! The members at Champions of Change look forward to what the new year will bring and are excited to announce the beginning of Knowledge & Necklaces and Innovation Committee.  For more information regarding these initiatives and past initiatives please take a look below!

 our initiatives 

 our initiatives 

 current initiatives 

A Woman Writing by the Window

knowledge & necklaces

A campaign to help young women reach their goals in their careers through essay scholarships and necklaces. This will promote young girls to reflect on women's issues in today's society.

Old Globe

International Initiative

Broadening people’s understanding of how gender inequality affects different communities worldwide.

Virtual Team Meeting

Innovation Committee

Working to help youth recover their innovation techniques through a virtual Social Six workshop (run through Pillar Non-Profit Network).


New Chapters

A team working on opening up new branches in various different cities. Looking for enthusiastic individuals to help lead!

 past initiatives 


Purple Box Campaign

We sent essential items to women and children in need to help them overcome certain obstacles. More than $2,000 was collected to purchase the items.

Holiday season

Spreading Positivitea

This letter initiative focused on helping those struggling with poverty by giving positive letters with Tim Horton's gift cards.

Window Display

Champions of Today

An initiative for people in the community to learn about how other local business owners have overcome obstacles in their journey.  To inspire others to start their own projects.

Public Speaker

Made To Lead

Virtual workshops to inspire and educate youth on career opportunities, empowerment, gender stereotypes, and leadership skills.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies for Change

Champions of Change members provided delicious homemade treats for the annual Sanctuary London Christmas Dinner.

High School Friends

School Initiatives

Throughout 2020, there were many initiatives held at A.B. Lucas SS supporting women's rights. Such as the white ribbon awareness campaign and Purple Shirt Day.

Art Supply

Equality Artistry

Local artists submitted their own artwork that represented equality. The art raffle proceeds went to the Anova House women's shelter