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Petals for Parity

celebrate international women's equality day with us

Since 2021, we have handed out flowers to share our love and appreciation for women in the heart of Downtown London, ON, in honour of international women's equality day. 

We want to celebrate the journeys women have embarked and all their amazing efforts in pursuit of equality by complimenting and empowering their achievements through simple gestures of kindness and love.

Join us this year on

August 26th

at Victoria Park in the late afternoon! We hope to commemorate this special day with you!

The Reason

Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 2.17.52 PM.png

On August 26, 1920, American women finally received the right to vote. 
51 years later, in 1971, Representative Bella Abzug championed a bill officially recognizing Women's Equality Day 

Through this initiative, we hope to recognize the importance of this day and spread more awareness about women's rights and equality, and the deep history behind women's suffrage. 

Our Sponsors

This initiative wouldn't be possible without our lovely sponsors! A special thank you goes out to The Wandering Bee and Floral Temptations for providing the stems and flowers we use in our celebration!  Check out their sites below:

Yellow and Purple Flower Bouquet
Red Flower Bouquet
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