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In the community.

take a look at our past collaborators.

Pillar Nonprofit.JPG

pillar non-profit network

We work with Pillar Nonprofit on the Innovation Committee, where we run Social SIX workshops

thames valley district school board

We work with TVDSB on the United Way Grant, and collaborate on multiple projects

thames valley.JPG

coalition to empower gender equality

We connect with Linda and Dani of CEGE who advise us when needed, and we provide a youth perspective


anova women's shelter

We donate items purchased from funding to Anova


london youth advisory council

We run Everyday Empowerment conferences in partnership with LYAC


girl guides of canada

We ran our first Made To Lead workshop with Girl Guides of Canada

Girl Guides.JPG

voicing it

We did an Instagram Live with the Urooj, the founder

Voicing It.JPG

mine 101

We are donating items collected from our Heart On Your Sleeve Campaign to Mine101

Mine 101.JPG

ontario nonprofit network

Ontario Nonprofit Network has helped us secure contacts

Ontario Nonprofit.JPG
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