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art gallery - tour the art and meet the artists!

Purchase raffle tickets to win these amazing art pieces by local artists! ALL proceeds will go to a local women's shelter, Anova House. Ticket Deadline is June 22nd.


This work is an abstract representation of change within my life, and how my art has transformed and progressed over the years. Whether it be learning to love myself and my heritage, or expressing new styles and mediums through my years as an artist. This design specifically stemmed from early sketches for a large sculpture about my Argentinian heritage and my journey to learn more about it.
These works are linocut prints, that I hand carved, printed on 4.5" by 6" Stonehenge paper with an oil based ink.

Mallory Butlin.jpeg

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Honey Ngo .jpg

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This painting is titled “Soft Changes” because of the calm and serenity of the painting, as well as the comfort it may bring when viewing the image. Portrayed here is the growth and development of women in today’s society. The cat with the woman in this painting represents our ferocity and expanding recognition throughout time, relating to the cat since they are known for their power and spirit. 

This painting is titled “Changing The Tides” because of the power of women and their ability to make an influence in the community, such as the advancement in wardrobe. This piece should represent that women should be free to wear what they please, and our attire shouldn’t be the focal points, but instead the other aspects of ourselves, as it should be similarly in this. The outfit shouldn't define the girl, but the girl should define the outfit!


I create these small handheld porcelain objects as a way of making sculpture more widely accessible to the public.
They are to be held, and in so doing, inspire an intimate relationship to the subject and object at the same time.

Leslie Putnam.jpg

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Josephine Whalley.jpeg

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Something I love to do is ride motorcycles in my spare time. When I feel the wind flow through my hair instantly takes me to my happy place. Since I have been riding, I have had many opportunities to ride with other female and male bikers. Although I have been questioned on my skills and ability to ride. There have been times that I'll be riding with twenty other bikers and only four other bikers will also be female. Though, that doesn't discourage me from my passion! Every time I ride my motorcycle, I get this huge rush of independence, excitement and an accomplishment feeling for myself! It has been really exciting being able to partake of breaking this stigma of male based activities.


My painting's title is Snakeskin. It's a painting and a pencil sketch and it represents the changes (both physical and mental) that people go through to discover their true self, as well as how this change is often captured and watched closely by the people around them. This is my personal interpretation of what I've painted, but the exact meaning is up for personal interpretation and there is no right or wrong answer. 

Fiona Zhang.jpg

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Victoria Swallow.jpeg

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The piece "Seek Light" portrays strength in numbers, growth, and how people take on the characteristics of their environment, just like flowers do. I used paint, marker, and even nail polish to achieve layers of dreamy, blurry, fluid, and free-yet-confined shapes and lines. I love to use my fingers, hands, and even elbows when I paint, leaving every part of me on the canvas. I hope you enjoy this painting as much as I did creating it.

The piece "Metastasize" portrays spread and growth. I wanted it to portray how everything affects everything, and we are all influenced by the people we are around. We pick up attitudes, sayings, hobbies, and opinions  from everyone in our lives, and they are what makes us who we are. I used paints and markers to create this small, intricate painting. I hope it makes you think about all the people and events who have made you, you.


The acrylic painting, titled 'I DARE', themed on change, symbolizes overcoming adversity and breaking the cycle of mundane to propel change for a brighter future. A face in the crowd, a woman, is depicted as having the courage to rise from the flames, overcoming challenges in society to bring about positive change. This is the thought behind; however, it is open to interpretation as you see fit.

Nayana Talukdar.jpg

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Courtney Guenther.jpg

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We Are Women
This piece is to signify that we are women, no matter our height or race or body types we are us, and we need to stick together!


Orchid  - Aaeesha (Full of life)
I grow orchid at home and I enjoy watching them grow from tiny shots to amazing flowers. It takes time, right environment and continuous care. Just like change - it takes time, a lot of courage, being vulnerable and require care. With the right support, change leads to beautiful positive outcomes

Hand-painted silk scarf - WAVES
Silk scarf is suitable in all seasons. It stays cool in Summer and keeps you warm in the cooler months. I chose this piece as the moments remind me of he topic "Change".
This hand-painted scarf will be a great addition to your closet, fashion + function! Thank you for your participation to the good cause.

Arale Vallely.png

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E Webb.jpg

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Art collection title: MADE WITH TIME

All of this art was made over a span of three years. All the pieces are very different because change is a necessary part of art & life. It takes time to do what you love. Growth and change in our lives just happens as we evolve. 

All art pieces of the collection will be raffled individually.


Moving Mountains is a small linoleum block print which depicts an abstracted mountain range. Much like gazing up from the base of a mountain and imagining the tectonic shift of those impermeable structures, the idea of societal change can, at times, feel insurmountable. At many crossroads of influential social change, we have gazed upon its possibility like a surreal dream. An idyllic world with questionable roots in reality.

Though it may seem impossible, mountains do move. The horizon views we survey in awe today are not the same as they once were. And when movements occur, their envied viewpoints do not lose their grandeur or beauty, they are simply altered. The Earth’s moving limbs have carved new valleys and altered elevations. And sometimes, in light of these changes, a better view is created. A view where the morning sun peaks in at a slightly sharper angle, and brightens the horizon for all.

Samantha Richardson.jpg

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Moving Mountains, 2021
9.5 cm x 9.5 cm (matted to 14 cm x 14 cm)


Emily Kriz.jpg

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The painting is called "Metamorphosis". 
The process of metamorphosis starts with a caterpillar, forms a chrysalis, then a butterfly emerges. The butterflies in this painting symbolize evolution and change. The world is ever-changing and only we can shape the world the way that we want it to be. 


Title: Ecliptic
Memory is not an unbiased recollection of the truth, and is often changed and corrupted over time. In this painting , I use memory to explore change through the lens of fact transforming into impression, in this instance with the recollection of a moonlit night. Using the fluidity Acrylic paint has to offer, lines blur and blend together, working in tandem to change a clear image into one with many textures, colors, and dimensions. 

Lexie Swallow.jpg

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Cadence Lankin.heic

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Acrylic on canvas 12" by 12"
Title: Joan of Arc Kidney Beans
Joan of Arc is considered a heroine and martyr of France for her role during the Hundred Years' War and canonized as a saint. Her status demeaned and branded by an American company to a can of beans.


"Destroyed Innocence" is an acrylic painting of a utopia inside of a dystopia. The environmental connection to this piece is quite obvious as the dystopia is a visual representation of our world after all the damage we have done as the human race continues to cause destruction and pollution. The four main topics which my dystopia touches on include deforestation, pollution, large amounts of waste and climate change. The utopia is what our world still is and what it still can be if we stop destroying our planet and is represented with a beautiful green forest and a deer to portray innocence. I made this piece in a way that creates awareness of our current environmental problems and to show how bad everything can become if we don’t start to fix things now.

The purpose of "The Red-eyed Tree Frog" is to represent the beauty of the Red-eyed tree frog species. The Red-eyed tree frogs live in rainforests whose habits have been destroyed by humans' constant demand for supplies and space. This picture is made to capture its beauty which is incomparable to the destruction caused by society. 


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Stephanie DiGulielmo (1).JPG

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In Greek mythology, Gaea was the Earth Mother and embodied energy, earth, and life. This painting represents the power of women bringing forth life from the earth. The fact that she is painted in a pure, marble while and lacks features, allows the viewer to superimpose their own image into the painting. She is without race and thus represents all women and the power each and every one of them hold. This piece was a collaboration between myself and my mother.

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I aim to inspire creativity and imagination with my paintings. When I first started art, I didn’t think I could create original work because all throughout high school, I only ever focused on realism and lifelike sketches. I always drew from reference and was too afraid to step out of my comfort zone. 

This pandemic, that changed when I discovered acrylic pouring. There’s something beautiful in letting go of your control and allowing the art to flow. Each piece is unique and forms naturally from the interaction between paint and air. The pieces intend to invoke different feelings depending on colour and style: tranquility, peace, relaxation, excitement, curiosity, spirit. I love the process of painting and seeing the blooms unfold before my eyes. I believe that every person is born to create in one way or another. I hope that my art can inspire you to revisit that artist inside.

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